Barcelona, 4 June 2019: Wind Mobility, the scooter sharing company, will launch its services in Barcelona in cooperation with private spaces.

As a starting point, all of its scooters will be available from different SABA parking spots located in the city center of Barcelona. Wind Mobility plans to rapidly increase the number of available parking spots in the following weeks. 

“We’re always on the hunt for new private spaces to deploy scooters” said Gerard Sellarès, Regional Operations Manager for Southern Europe at Wind Mobility. “Our partners benefit from discounted rides, increased customer traffic into their premises and can offer a value added service to their clients” mentioned mr. Sellarès.

Scooters will be available for rent starting at 1€ unlock and 0.15€/minute. All parking spaces will be shown in the user app, with clear instructions on how to find the scooters and where to park them. Users won’t be able to finish their rides outside of the delimited parking areas, and will get fined up to 100€ if scooters are parked on the street.

“This is an important step forward to become a mobility solution for the inhabitants of Barcelona. For the last year, we have worked hand in hand with the city council of Barcelona to adjust our service to the local regulation” said Gerard Sellarès

Matt Turzo, COO, Wind Mobility commented: “This is a fantastic step forward for Wind Mobility and demonstrates our commitment to improving city transportation and air quality, while following the rules. We hope that commuters will trial out our scooters, and see how fun, efficient and fun they can be which in turn will reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.”