03 October 2019: Wind, the leading global e-scooter sharing company, has today unveiled its newest model for use in Tel Aviv, Nice and Bordeaux. 

The launch reveals revolutionary features that make the third-generation Wind scooter among the best available for public rental anywhere in the world and is in line with the company’s ambition to provide a fun, affordable and truly sustainable micro-mobility. 

Over the course of eight months of development at its R&D centre in Asia, Wind re-designed its scooters from the ground-up, with improvements to make them even safer and more environmentally-friendly.

The scooters are now equipped with innovative new features, which enhance both the user experience and transform the value chain. The scooters now possess an industry-first swappable battery, which will set a new standard for battery life and hardware durability and has enhanced the efficiency of operations as a whole. The battery is durable for a distance up to 80km, and the scooter can now last up to three times longer than the previous model. The battery also reduces the amount of downtime for the scooters, meaning there are more scooters on the streets for longer periods of time, available to more people.

The new model also comes with bicycle-style handbrakes that allow the rider to stop more smoothly and steadily, two bright lights to increase visibility and a horn button to replace the old-fashioned bell. It also meets the water resistance standards (Protection grade IPX), so it can withstand one metre of submersion and be reused if ever found in water, combating the threat of vandalism and theft. In addition, new features such as full GPS tracking, over the air updates for all major settings and an IOT hardwired into the main board have truly revolutionised the e-scooter market. 

The new model perfectly reflects the bold new look and feel of the company, after undergoing a rebrand over the past few months. Wind has been at the forefront of the e-scooter category’s growth for the past two years and has created its latest hardware following a $50 million investment secured this summer.

Ed Schmidt, EMEA CEO for Wind, said: “Our new model not only allows us to remain at the forefront of the micro-mobility market, but could transform the future of e-scooters and city mobility. More than half of Earth’s population is living in urban environments now, but the way we organise those environments is outdated. We need to make our cities safer, quieter, greener and all around better to live in. Electric mobility will be one cornerstone of this change. It’s brilliant to see our new scooters already in use in Tel Aviv, Nice and Bordeaux.”

Matt Turzo, EMEA COO, added: “It’s our mission to make anyone that rides a Wind scooter feel like a superhero. Our new scooters are a key part of that mission. We have already set ourselves apart from other mobility companies by focusing heavily on safety, great riding experience, and providing delightful customer service – this new hardware will turbocharge our operational efficiency, and allow us to deliver a better ride to customers”