Sustainability, one of Wind’s core values. As well as providing an eco-friendly mode of transport for city dwellers, Wind Heroes have been going one step further to support our green mission.

At the start of 2020 we established a Sustainability Committee, a team of employees from different areas of the company who share their knowledge and passion for sustainability to drive change and align our values globally.

Coronavirus has reshaped numerous industries across the world. Like many other companies, we have had to adapt, but we haven’t forgotten our obligation to the planet. In our Q3 Sustainability newsletter, we look back on our efforts in the second quarter of this year.

Wind is Climate Neutral Committed

As we continue to see the devastating effects of climate change, we are always looking for ways to take responsibility for our impact on the planet. To help us achieve this we partnered with Climate Neutral.

Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organisation that guides brands to reach climate neutral certification, and empowers consumers to use brands that take climate action.

Together, we measured our greenhouse gas emissions for 2019, this calculation incorporated a range of factors including shipping, daily and global operations, travel and office processes. On the basis of this, a comprehensive action plan to reduce our output of emissions was established – we want to make long term changes to eradicate unnecessary wasteful behaviour. Any output that we are not able to eliminate will be offset with a carbon contribution towards a huge range of the projects from reforestation to renewable energy. Watch this space as we continue our journey to climate neutrality!

Beach Cleanups

Our Barcelona office is only a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean Sea, being so local we feel it is our duty to protect our local natural habitat. We encourage staff in Barcelona to take time out of their busy days to give back to nature by participating in a monthly beach cleanup. Over 100kg of rubbish has been collected and correctly disposed of through our beach cleanup scheme.

Our next cleanup event will be in Perpignan, do you want to be involved? Get in touch!

Helping Hands Initiative

For Wind, operating in a city is more than just deploying scooters. From the moment we consider entering a market we make sure that we integrate smoothly with the infrastructure and the community, we want to be a part of the culture and enter into a supportive relationship with local authorities. So when the coronavirus pandemic hit we launched our Helping Hands initiative and used our available resources to help our cities, starting with a free ride scheme for Key Workers.

Felix Eggert, our Public Policy Manager, spoke about the important role our free rides scheme has to play in communities: “We have always focused on supporting the local people of the cities we operate in, but at the start of the crisis our attention quickly turned to helping those who are risking their well-being for the greater good. In Germany alone, local heroes in seven hospitals and multiple volunteers from Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden are now using our scooters as a safe way to get to work every day or run errands for high-risk groups. It’s an initiative that we also launched in cities like Tel Aviv and Bordeaux and it’s a way for us to show our support during this crisis. Safe and sustainable transport solutions are now more important than ever, and it’s vital that while most of us stay home, we continue to support those who cannot afford to stop moving.”

A Second Home For Our Vehicles

Our BYKE sharing service may have stopped in Germany but we are finding ways to give a second life to our bikes. We recently made a donation to Bikyegees via German Red Cross, Bikeygees provide refugees and women from disadvantaged backgrounds with free cycling training and maintenance workshops. Learning these skills, which many of us take for granted, has allowed these women to find a sense of freedom and independence as they settle into their new surroundings.

With the support of Wir Packens An, another 142 of our bikes were donated to charities on the Greek island of Chios. Refugee Biryani and Bananas will give bike access to refugees on Chios who are currently isolated in camps and accommodation far away from basic services such as food shops and medical centres. Bikes donated to the Chios Language Centre will give freedom of movement to their students. We are honoured to support these charities with their valuable work.

We are also in talks with a further nine NGOs and plan to give away over 200 of our ninebot e-scooters. We will continue to donate our vehicles to be reused in a positive and sustainable way and we encourage other companies in the mobility industry to do the same. Do you know an NGO that would benefit from a bike or e-scooter? Send us an email

Top 29 Green Energy Startups in Germany

Our sustainable technology is changing the way millions of people commute through their cities. A list compiled by Energy Startups names Wind amongst the Top 29 Green Startups in Germany. We are proud to be recognised as one of the startups pioneering for a greener future.

Just One thing

There are so many people giving advice about sustainability, it can be overwhelming! Why not try changing just one thing that will benefit the planet, it’s the small daily choices that have a lasting impact.

Over 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the average plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose. Today we encourage you to swap single-use plastic bottles for a reusable bottle. You can save around 150 single-use bottles per year and benefit from hydrating in a sustainable way.

DIY Challenge

As we see evidence building in support of wearing a face mask to reduce the spread of coronavirus and masks are made mandatory in many public spaces, we’ve been looking for alternatives to disposable masks! Follow these easy steps to make your own mask at home.

Tip: try to blow out a candle wearing your mask, this will show you how effective it is!


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