It’s official, Wind has been given the green light from the Department for Transport (DfT) to take part in e-scooter trials across the UK!

E-scooters have been recognised as a safe, environmentally friendly and convenient transport method for the modern urbanite, prompting DfT to accelerate their plans for legalising e-scooters in the UK. Easing the burden on public transport and permitting social distancing, e-scooters will play a key role in helping cities get moving again in a safe and sustainable manner.

While e-scooters have been introduced to cities across Europe over the last few years, the UK has been observing, learning and strengthening plans for its own launch. All this is evident from the comprehensive guideline for eligibility, with which we’re compliant!

We’re delighted to see the UK take action towards a green recovery through increased urban micro-mobility, and are thrilled to be part of the journey!


We can’t wait to make the UK our next home, currently 10% of Wind’s HQ employees are British and we’re looking forward to increasing our UK footprint. As with settling into any new country, one of the most important things is integrating seamlessly into the community. You won’t find us littering the streets or causing a disturbance. We want to live in harmony with our new neighbours, and that means understanding their needs. Britain may only be a small island but what it lacks in size it makes up for in a rich and diverse culture and history. Which is why we’re working closely with each city and tailoring our operations to align with their infrastructure and requirements.


Wind’s e-scooters are developed and produced in our own research & development centre which allows for innovative modifications and strict testing. The latest Wind 3.0 e-scooter was designed with safety, durability and sustainability in mind. 

Our e-scooters are heavier and larger than other models, ensuring greater stability and a safer rider experience. With a wide foot stand and broad tyres, Joe Bloggs will have no trouble gliding over the cobbled streets of York or navigating the tram tracks of Nottingham.

With both front and rear brakes, the rider has precision speed control and the U shaped double stand ensures our e-scooter will stand proud against the gale force winds of Liverpool.

The swappable battery mean that our e-scooters don’t need to be returned to the warehouse for charging. This results in fewer vans on the road, less pollution and more space for scooting!

We have strict guidelines in place to protect our riders and employees against infection. With our operations team regularly disinfecting the e-scooters and riders informed through the app about how to keep themselves safe.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates and we’ll see you on the streets!