Not all superheroes wear capes. They wear helmets instead.

Smart and street-proof safety gear is finally here with the launch of our integrated helmets!

Whilst our industry-first e-scooters go above and beyond safety requirements, we’ve taken our safety measures to a whole new level to ensure riders get to wherever they’re going with their safety intact. After months of research and development by our in-house experts, we rolled out our state of the art technology in Tel Aviv this week.

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Here at Wind, we have always taken proactive measures to educate users and work closely with city officials to promote safe riding (from our super fun safety events to incredibly cool reflective merchandise) but we cannot hide from the harsh reality that users will often zoom around without protective gear and disobey the highway code. As an industry leader, we cannot shy away from taking responsibility.

In a recent study, WHO highlighted that head injuries contribute to around 75% of fatalities amongst motorised two-wheeler users, and go on to state that the single most effective measure to prevent injuries is through the use of helmets. 

In most cities it is not mandatory for riders to wear helmets, but with our new feature providing ease of access to protective gear for many people, we hope this encourages users to always protect their heads (and look pretty cool whilst doing so!) Wind heroes can unlock their helmet through our top-rated app in a matter of seconds.

So, are you ready to start your safest adventure yet?

Keep an eye out for our integrated helmets across Tel Aviv, and coming to a city near you very soon! Watch our epic launch video below!