To celebrate our new adapted e-scooter with an integrated helmet, what better initiative than a helmet giveaway! 

We are constantly finding ways to support cities and local communities beyond providing an eco-friendly transportation solution. This month in Tel Aviv, we teamed up with the Deputy Mayor for Transportation, Meital Lehavi, to encourage people to support local businesses and promote road safety. 

We set up outside the iconic Carmel Market, a space boasting hundreds of independent stalls. Right in the heart of the city, we shared road safety advice and offered free Wind helmets to passers-by and road users (especially to those not wearing helmets!).

We are proud to see the roads of Tel Aviv awash with yellow scooters and blue helmets and give back to the local community.

In total we gave away over 800 helmets, that’s 800 safer heads in the city of Tel Aviv. And 800 people with new road safety knowledge to share to a further 800 people! 

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