Reykjavik, 05 September 2020: Wind, a leading European e-scooter sharing company, is expanding its service to Iceland and has deployed 600 e-scooters to Reykjavik. Starting today, residents and visitors of Iceland’s capital can rent the yellow electric scooters. Following Wind’s recent expansion in Norway, Italy and France, the company with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) has now signed a service agreement with the City of Reykjavik to offer its services. The deployment of Wind’s electric scooters will help support Reykjavik’s goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2040, while also providing a fun and convenient way for residents and visitors to travel around.

Arthur Rollin, Director of Operations Europe, said: “With the green plan that the city introduced this summer, Reykjavik is on track to becoming completely carbon neutral by 2040. Part of this commitment is that by 2025 all of Reykjavík’s vehicles will be powered by energy that is free of greenhouse gas emissions, and the introduction of Wind e-scooters is bringing Iceland’s capital one step closer to reaching this goal. We are looking forward to working with the city towards a greener future. In addition, we are seeing an increased demand for micro mobility solutions all over Europe following the COVID-19 pandemic. People prefer to use alternative modes of transport that allow for social distancing. Our launch in Reykjavik and the recent expansion in Europe has been our response to this new situation.” 

Wind’s electric scooters – developed and produced in the company’s own research & development center – are among the safest and most durable in the market. The latest generation Wind scooter that will be deployed to the streets of Reykjavik was designed from the ground-up, with improvements to make them even safer and more environmentally friendly. The e-scooters are heavier and larger than comparable models, which ensures greater stability and a safer riding experience. They are equipped with innovative features to enhance both the user experience and transform the value chain such as a swappable battery, which ensures that scooters do not need to be returned to the warehouse for charging at night. The battery is supercharged and lasts for a distance of 60-80km between charges. The model also comes with bicycle-style handbrakes that allow the rider to stop more smoothly and steadily, two bright lights to increase visibility, as well as a U-shaped double stand to ensure the scooters don’t tip over easily.

Wind offers its services in 20 cities across the globe including cities in Germany, Israel, Italy, South Korea and Norway. Users can download the Wind app to their mobile devices, create an account and start their rides by scanning the QR-code on the scooters.

The local Wind team regularly disinfects the e-scooters to ensure the highest possible protection against infection. Wind also informs its users about safe use and protection against infections and, as an additional safety measure, recommends cleaning the controls and handles with disinfectant wipes before each use, washing your hands thoroughly before and after each trip and, if necessary, using disposable gloves for the trip.