Eleven events on Italian roads to explain driving and safety rules to citizens.

The Wind Mobility campaign to raise awareness to citizens and users about driving rules and safety regulations for electric scooters began on 3 September in the small Emilian capital of Parma.

After the inauguration in Parma, the campaign continued in the streets of Monza and Milan, where 4 information days have already been held.

During the events, Wind Mobility operators were positioned in strategic points across the city to explain to people how the service works, where and how to park the scooters and the safety rules that need to be respected.

The next events will be in Rome on 11 and 12 September at Piazza del Popolo and Via dei Fori Imperiali, Monza on 12 September at the historic center and the entrance to the Park, while on 19 September double events in Parma at Piazza Garibaldi and Milan at Piazza Castello.

Citizens will be able to carry out test-rides, receive practical driving training and obtain discount codes by meeting the operators at the Wind Mobility parking points, well equipped with scooters for the occasion.

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