Bordeaux, 30 September 2020: Wind, one of Europe’s leading micromobility companies, has rolled out its first e-scooters with an integrated helmet in the City of Bordeaux, and will successively equip the entire e-scooter fleet across the city with protective helmets. Wind has upgraded its current fleet of the Wind 3.0 model with the integrated helmet that can be unlocked via the Wind mobile app. With the new solution, users can now enjoy the safest e-scooter in Bordeaux! 

To use the helmet, users will have to scan and unlock the scooter with the app and choose the “unlock helmet” function. The helmet is released by lifting up the helmet case. Returning it is just as easy: pulling the base up, and placing the helmet inside. Upon locking the scooter, the user needs to confirm in the app that the helmet has been returned and take a photo of the parked scooter with the attached helmet. 

Raphael Menu, Country Manager for Wind Mobility in France: “Our custom-built Wind 3.0 e-scooter is already leading the industry when it comes to safety and reliability. The integrated helmet that we now roll out in Bordeaux is another milestone in creating the safest e-scooter out there. It’s another addition to a wide range of safety features of our scooter such as double handbrakes, electric front and rear brakes, a wide non-slip platform, or larger and wider foam tyres that cannot burst. With this feature, we are making sure that our users enjoy their rides around Bordeaux in the safest way possible.”

While not mandatory, wearing a helmet during a scooter ride is essential for safety. Riders who do not possess a personal helmet are advised to wipe the attached helmet, disinfect their hands and wear a facial mask before putting on the helmet. Wind scooters are cleaned and disinfected daily. Wind also recommends users to wipe handles before the ride and wash their hands before and after using a shared scooter.