• 78% of Britons say that they would hire an e-scooter
  • London is the UK’s most enthusiastic city, with 88% ready to hire an e-scooter
  • Safety, stability, affordability and night-time visibility are primary concerns, with hygiene, and sustainability also key considerations
  • Longer battery life and a wide standing platform are the features Britons most want to see when renting an e-scooter

A poll has found that Britons are very enthusiastic about the prospect of rental e-scooters. Eight out of ten Britons say they are ready to try this new mode of transport, rising to nine out of ten in London. E-scooters are seen as a solution to high levels of congestion and dangerous levels of air pollution, as well as presenting people with a way to move around towns and cities whilst maintaining social distancing.

Polling undertaken by Censuswide on behalf of Wind Mobility found that safety is the key priority across the UK, with 61% of people considering this to be either very or quite important, alongside associated issues of ride stability (60%), with affordability and being able to see and be seen after dark close behind (both 57%).

Hygiene is also a major factor for 54% of people across the UK, as well as sustainability (53%).  Safety concerns are especially prevalent in busier cities such as London, with 74% of Londoners considering safety to be either very or quite important, with other key priorities including ride stability (73%) and being able to see and be seen after dark (71%).

Longer battery life is also highly prized across the UK, chosen as one of the three most important features by almost 50% of respondents. E-scooters with longer range are more environmentally friendly as they require fewer visits to be collected or have their batteries swapped by the operator.

Second was a wide standing platform (25%), followed closely by wide tyres and long lifecycle (both 23%) and an integrated helmet (22%).

Across the UK a majority of the population would be willing to hire an e-scooter across all age groups, with younger generations are especially enthusiastic; 57% of those over 55 would hire an e-scooter, rising to 96% of 18-24 year olds. Wind Mobility is one of the world’s leading e-scooter companies, and runs e-scooter services in large major cities around the world such as Seoul, Rome and Oslo, as well as Nottingham and Derby in the UK.

Eric Wang, Co-founder and CEO of Wind, said:

“The enthusiasm for e-scooters in the UK is great to see – and it is no surprise that safety, stability and affordability, areas in which we have been investing heavily, are foremost in people’s minds. 

“Wind is the only major e-scooter company developing its own e-scooter. We pioneered innovations like swappable batteries and an integrated helmet, and continue to meet the priorities of riders through our industry-leading wide standing platform, visible colour scheme and long battery life, whilst our rides are also the lowest cost of all providers.”

Notes to editors

  • The poll reached a total of 2,731 respondents nationwide, including 1,272 Londoners aged 16+ between 24.12.20 – 30.12.20. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.
  • E-scooters will be restricted to riding at 15.5mph, and permitted on roads and in cycle lanes only.
  • Riders will require a provisional or full driving license to rent an e-scooter, with training provided for new riders.