Gulhayo, you essentially have two roles at Wind: you are not just part of the customer service team but you are also an essential member of the product team. How do you juggle both tasks? 

It’s not so much about juggling as these two tasks are very much related. As a member of Wind’s Customer Service team, I have the privilege of being close to the customer, listening to the feedback of customers in order to identify the most common issues our riders face. I can incorporate their feedback and suggestions directly into my work for the product team. We learn through our customers how we can improve our service and our product and I can directly liaise with my colleagues on the product side, lay on the customer feedback so that we can prioritise certain features or developments.

How did you get this double-agent role at Wind? 

I am based in Oslo and started within the Customer Service team, working remotely as I was initially responsible for our customers in Iceland and in the United Kingdom. I wanted to use the feedback from our customers to further improve our product. So I went out and tested our service as a user, suggesting new ideas and improvements to our respective departments. I had been closely interacting with the product team from the beginning and loved and enjoyed the accomplishments we achieved together as a team. In December I was then onboarded to the product operations team and that is where my double-agent role officially started.

Wind’s product team is largely based in China but you are working remotely in Oslo. How do you manage to work over different time zones?

Good communication tools and channels are key for a smooth working process. I am also an early morning person and start my shifts early. If there is an issue I have to fix or a suggestion from a customer I can discuss it with our team in China. I leave messages before the end of my shift. So when i wake up I already have all the answers from the team which is amazing. The lockdown and Covid restrictions have also created more flexibility with regards to working hours.

Which product innovation are you most excited about?

That is definitely our new incentivised parking feature that we are introducing to several markets. The way it works is that we can encourage our users to properly park the scooter so it does not block the pavement. In return, our users will receive a reward for keeping our streets clean. This also helps to educate for better parking and serves as an incentive for our users to plan their parking wisely.


Gulhayo Nasritdinova is Product Operations & Customer Support Manager at Wind