Janet, you joined Wind during its early days and have accompanied a total revamp of the Wind brand. What was this change like?

When I joined Wind, our e-scooters were already changing the urban landscape and Wind was in the middle of refreshing its identity. Our new visual identity with a new logo and bright colours helped us better communicate our mission and goals. Wind very much became a mobility brand that resonates with riders and cities alike. Aside from our goals to make cities more sustainable and less congested, we also aim to make commuting more joyous. This is reflected in our brand, turning Wind e-scooters into a superpower to boost your commute, making our users everyday superheroes! I managed the implementation of the new brand across the whole company and for our digital presence, for example by updating existing materials and marketing communications. It is all about telling our brand’s story, to showcase our core values and engage with audiences.

Why the name Wind? 

The brand name ‘Wind’ evokes memories of clean air and freedom. It creates feelings of courage, power and energy. It also reminds us of sensations and feelings of a breeze, of space or movement. When riding an e-scooter, a user can feel the wind on their skin and face. They can smell their city and the entire urban environment. At Wind, we want to create a fun, affordable and truly sustainable micro mobility ecosystem.

What are the characteristics of the Wind brand? 

Wind e-scooters are yellow and the bright colour is hard to miss, wherever the story takes you. The bright yellow colour makes it stand out in road traffic and it is also more visible at night, contributing to more safety for our users. Wind’s brand identity tells the story of a dynamic, joyful and superpowered innovation in the micro mobility world. We want it to be equally environmentally friendly and fun. Our aim is that our users are left with a positive and fun feeling after using our service.

You are the point of contact for all design and branding topics from local Wind teams in seven different countries. What is it like to work in such an international environment?

I think it is a great opportunity to work with so many different people of different cultures and backgrounds. People also speak a great number of languages, reflecting a truly multicultural company, which also brings about a great variety of points of views and ideas. Every country and every city is unique and demands a tailored solution. Therefore, we have to consistently adapt to the changes and closely monitor trends. Having such a diverse range of colleagues helps in this process, as everyone is contributing with their own experience, ideas, interests and points of view.

What do you like most about your position at Wind?

I like the challenges, for instance when supporting with expanding to new markets, or introducing new features into existing markets. This means my daily workflow is always exciting and I never experience monotony.  It is a great responsibility being the only Graphic Designer for Europe and the Middle East but this also means I get to work on a large variety of projects. Working with so many departments and wonderful and talented people is a privilege, and we all understand it is important that we create a team spirit where no one is in competition against each other. Our company culture is instead one of cooperation and collaboration to help Wind deliver our services to more and more users and improve their lives.


Janet Michniewicz is Wind’s Creative Head & Graphic Designer