Cristina, what exactly does a Bid Manager do?

Cities all over the world follow procurement processes to hire partners such as e-scooter operators. This often happens within a tender framework where the city asks interested operators to submit bids. The best fit will then be selected to operate an e-scooter sharing scheme in the city. As Bid Manager, I play a central role in expanding Wind’s business. I identify opportunities to submit bids and advise on whether or not we should put together a proposal, on strategies for winning  bids, and I am responsible to submit the bids on time. I then also write parts of the actual proposals, do the research and check content that was submitted by other teams. I work with key members of the project team and the client organisation to obtain the information required to compile the bid. It is important to maintain knowledge of the market and to be aware of trends and issues.

What are the challenges that come with this role?

Wind has offices in Berlin, Barcelona, Beijing and local teams in all the markets where we operate. As a very much decentralised organisation, it is important to have a central role that coordinates the different teams and their inputs, across regions, time zones and languages. I have to be aware of all the services and functions and I need to have a global view of the company and align everything with the tender requirements or legislation.

What does a bid you submit to a city normally look like?

You can imagine it like an exam by the city councils or city administrations to select the best e-scooter operator for their city. It usually consists of several questions around the scooter we want to deploy, its features, our pricing, operations, previous experience, sustainability and many other aspects. We then reply to each question. The length of the answers can vary as some proposals are rather short and others fairly extensive.

And how do cities choose the most successful bid?

There is no general answer as cities have different approaches to selecting a partner. Some cities choose operators based on the price and other cities examine the safety measures,  environmental, operational and maintenance aspects that the organisation has laid out.

What do you like most about your role?

I get excited by each new tender as I have to analyse and understand each city and its needs for publishing a tender. It is a very dynamic role and it is interesting to work on international tenders from Norway, to the UK, France or Italy. No tender is the same. We have to adapt and tailor the content to the different regulations, values and needs of the city. We need to understand the requirements and objectives and work with different teams to ensure we tailor the response and follow the best winning strategy.


Cristina Terry is Bid Manager at Wind Mobility