Six months into Nottingham’s trial, Wind e-scooters continue to be extremely popular with residents. Wind Mobility is providing some insights to the first half of the trial, ridership and usage numbers and also lays out what is being done to address issues and concerns of Nottingham residents. 

According to an analysis by industry outlet Zag, Wind is running the UK’s most popular e-scooter scheme in a single city, recording the highest number of total journeys among operators. Since the launch of the trial in October 2020, residents of Nottingham have taken more than 240,000 rides on Wind’s yellow e-scooters with an average distance of 1.9 miles per trip. In total, city residents have covered more than 435,000 miles (that’s 17 times around the world!) and spent more than 75,000 hours on Nottingham’s sustainable transport alternative.

In addition to the on-street rental, Wind and Nottingham Council have received a lot of positive feedback from key workers as Wind is offering a monthly subscription for only £30. NHS Test and Trace worker Niha lives in Arboretum. She said: “By using an e-scooter, I save over £90 a month on travel, which is great. They’re really efficient and easy to use, and have cut my journey time by more than half.”

Wind has also recently introduced free ride coupons for key workers that can be used towards Wind’s pay-per-minute service offer. The coupons are part of Wind’s Helping Hands initiative to support key workers and hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wind Mobility is working with Nottingham City Council to address issues that have come up over the last 6 months of the trial, such as inconsiderate parking or dangerous and illegal riding. While the City Council and Wind Mobility will take all measures available, as with all forms of transport, ultimately we need people to be responsible for their actions and be considerate of others.

Nottingham Council is continuing to mark parking bays in all designated parking zones. These bays make it clear to everyone where e-scooters can be left safely and encourage more responsible parking. In addition, Wind Mobility is introducing new fines for users who leave e-scooters badly parked and is working on additional technological solutions to make it easier to report badly parked scooters. If users take scooters outside the Operating Area, for example, they will be charged a £35 fine.

We are still seeing issues with pavement riding and more than one person on an e-scooter – both of which are illegal. The e-scooters are a motor vehicle and can only be ridden where cycles are allowed, not on pavements. Wind Mobility has installed number plates on most vehicles, to make offenders easier to identify. We have also employed patrollers to take action against dangerous riding across the city, supported by the City Council’s Community Protection team. Repeat offenders will have their account suspended, and face a possible ban.

In an effort to increase understanding and improve safety, Wind Mobility has continually refined its guidance to users. Measures include:

  • Educational videos and communication, shared directly to users via the app as well as online
  • More in-app notifications to inform riders of safe riding and parking practices
  • The introduction of penalties and account suspensions for abandoned and badly parked e-scooters, pavement riding, and drunk riding
  • Number plates rolled out across the fleet to more easily identify users
  • Review of restricted areas where e-scooters cannot be ridden or can only be ridden at reduced speed
  • Introducing and increasing the number of patrollers, who roam around the city and can take action against poor behaviour, including targeting hotspots and key routes
  • Improved customer service experience with a dedicated Nottingham officer
  • Revisions to the app to ensure users are aware of their responsibilities before they can ride
  • Cooperation with iSight to inform visually impaired and blind users about approaching e-scooters
  • Wind will soon integrate an additional feature that will make it easier for pedestrians to report wrongly parked scooters