You have been with Wind for 2 years now and have seen the company grow and expand its team. How are you and your department dealing with this rapid growth?

The growth phase is one of the most exciting and challenging parts for the team. From the company mission and vision to the identification and the promotion of the company values, the people team has been deeply involved in building Wind’s company culture. Our work is also about translating this into the company’s organisational structure and to align with Wind’s growth objective. This helped us to hire the right people for the right positions, identify gaps or determine hiring and training needs. So we set up a global hiring plan, defined a recruitment strategy and onboarding process that have been key to support the company’s growth. Last but not least, expanding into several countries at the same time requires a lot of planning and organisation when it comes to things like payroll administration or labour laws. We built HR processes for each country, designed HR policies that we keep developing and improving as we grow.

What are some of the key learnings with regards to hiring and managing such a globally dispersed workforce?

When hiring and managing such a global workforce, language, cultural barriers and time zone differences can pose obstacles. Our major learning is to communicate, communicate, communicate and to not be afraid that we might repeat ourselves. Instead, we deliberately  communicate again and again on what we do, where we go as a company, to ensure our team members stay informed, motivated and engaged. We organise monthly all-hands meetings, team meetings and other informative sessions such as coffee & learns.

Another key learning is that a culture fit is the key to succeed. We want to ensure people join us for the right reasons. Sharing the same vision and our values are a must to take the ride and enjoy the experience with us. With that comes the third key learning: to attract the right talent. With a presence in 12 different countries, remote work is part of the organisational design of the company giving us the flexibility to access a larger pool of candidates and attract the right talent.

Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important for companies. What is Wind’s approach to recruiting and retaining a diverse team? 

Diversity is part of our DNA and our motto is come as you are! At Wind we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. We encourage people to communicate up, down and across the organisation. We foster an environment where people can be themselves at work, share information, ideas, best practice, challenge one another when opinions differ, give and receive honest feedback while always understanding and respecting the differences. Equity and inclusion is also part of our internal processes from the recruitment to the performance review, promotion, and salary discussions.

Is Wind currently recruiting and how I can apply ? 

Yes! Wind is currently looking for engineers, developers, project managers and several other roles based in different locations. We are also looking for a talented HR intern to support the team. Check out all opportunities on our career page  Wind Mobility or on LinkedIn. Join us and come as you are 😉


Blandine Guimet is Head of People EMEA at Wind Mobility