What is your role at Wind?

I work at Wind’s Customer Success department and lead the European team. First and foremost, I see my role at Wind as closely working with and developing my team to ensure we provide the right solutions for our customers and quickly resolve any issues. Every day in Customer Success is unique, challenging and exciting –  especially in a start-up company. It’s exciting to work with such a diverse group of people of different backgrounds, nationalities and skills.

What is Wind’s approach to ensuring Customer Success and what happens with customer feedback?

At Wind, our customers are the focus of everything we do. We aim to quickly attend to our customers and we value their feedback. For this purpose, our Customer Success team has many contacts from different departments who constantly help us to provide our customers with the best possible service. All inquiries are forwarded to a suitable member of our team. No matter if the request can be resolved directly by Customer Success, needs support of a senior agent or has to be forwarded to the responsible department, every single case will be handled and solved individually. At Wind, we feed our customers’ ideas for improvement directly back into the respective teams to ensure that Wind can work on new solutions or features or adjust its operations to provide the best possible customer experience.

You are based in Berlin but a large part of the team is located in other markets. How do you ensure alignment over geographical distance and different time zones?

Despite the different locations, there is a strong bond between each and every team member. We stay in touch through our internal messengers or video meetings. We also have weekly meetings or set up ad-hoc calls in case of urgent matters.

How can customers reach out to Wind?

Our Customer Success team is composed of team members who speak the local language of their respective markets. As such, each market has their own e-mail and phone numbers to contact our Customer Success team. There is also a direct way to contact us via web form. We will also be implementing additional communication channels in the future.


Julia Trütschel is Teamlead Europe Customer Success at Wind Mobility