Wind Mobility was one of the first e-scooter operators in Israel and has since significantly expanded its operations. The company has been redefining urban transport in Tel Aviv and is now leading the local e-scooter market. Country Manager Itay Ezra talks about the company’s growth story in Tel Aviv and beyond, and explains how Wind is leading the market with new safety features and a responsible approach to its growth and operations. 

Why did Wind choose to launch its e-scooter service in Israel as one of the first markets?

Our goal is to make cities like Tel Aviv, greener and less congested while offering a healthy and fun alternative to the car. Especially Tel Aviv has been struggling with congestion for decades, and when Wind switched from bicycle to e-scooter sharing in 2019, Tel Aviv was the ideal candidate for us to launch. The city was open to test alternative modes of transportation to fight car congestion and traffic jams. When we launched in Tel Aviv, people were open to try out e-scooters to get from A to B, and our service turned out to be extremely popular. Of course, the warmer weather is also supporting a year-round operation.

What makes the Wind e-scooters so popular among residents and visitors? 

We are operating in several Israeli cities and had millions of rides with people spending more than 7 million kilometers on our scooters last year alone. The customer feedback in each city shows that people choose Wind primarily because of the scooter itself. It is a custom-built product and we built it larger and heavier than comparable models, which makes for a safer and smoother riding experience – especially in comparison to off-the-shelf products that are often not intended for the sharing market. The wider platform supports a safe stand with both feet, we have a double braking system, integrated helmets and a double kick-stand to prevent the scooter from falling and cluttering the streets. The scooter is leading the way for e-scooters in Israel and our owned supply chain allows us to continuously improve our product and our service by directly incorporating customer feedback. The Wind Mobility brand also contributes to this popularity and makes our product appealing to customers.

Wind recently moved to a new warehouse. Why the move and how does it benefit Wind’s customers?

With Wind’s growth in Israel, we need more space. So our new warehouse is three times the size of our previous warehouse. We understand that the demand for our e-scooters is increasing and as more cities are interested in implementing our solution, we need more workstations and storage space. This allows us to work in the most efficient way on an operational level, which ultimately also benefits our customers.

The warehouse of Wind Mobility in Tel Aviv

What are Wind’s plans for the future in Israel?

We continue to further improve our product with the goal to keep providing the safest e-scooter to our riders in Israel and ultimately change the way people commute and move around the city. In terms of safety, Wind is the only provider in Tel Aviv that has equipped the majority of its fleet with integrated helmets to further encourage helmet use. We are also working on creating strategic partnerships with different companies to keep on innovating and improving our abilities and offer seamless travel solutions to our customers. Of course, we always monitor the market and are currently in exchange with several Israeli cities to expand our service outside the greater metropolitan area of Tel Aviv and rest assured, you will hear a lot more from Wind in the coming months.